LSCI And Aggression Replacement Training:


  • A. W. Amendola Perseus House
  • Robert Oliver School District of the City of Erie, PA


aggression, replacement, training, life, space, crisis, intervention, social skills, anger control, moral reasoning


Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) converts a conflict into a meaningful learning experience for the child by discovering what drives his/her behavior and by defining clear outcome goals. LSCI, which has been developed by Nicholas J. Long, Mary M.Wood, and Frank A. Feeser, provides hands-on tools for the educator, clinician, and change agent working with youth whose behavior escalates and is in need of an intervention. Aggression Replacement Training (ART®)1 teaches youth alternatives to prob­ lematic behavior. Developed by Dr. Arnold P. Goldstein from Syracuse Univer­ sity, this evidence-based practice provides competencies to children in Social Skills Training (Skillstreaming), Anger Management (Anger Control Training), and Moral Reasoning. The collaborative use of ART® and LSCI is an effective strategy, specifically in stage five of LSCI, to present youth with new skills needed for necessary behavioral change.




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