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 Journal Update: Currently the first 25 issues of the Journal for Child and Youth Care Work are being prepared to be uploaded to this site.  Please be patient as we enter all of the data.  We hope to get the articles that we have received loaded onto this site by July 2019 so please check back then. (July, 8,2 019)

Welcome to the Journal of the Child and Youth Work (JCYCW), an open-source, peer-reviewed, yearly online publication. JCYCW is the official journal of the Association for Child and Youth Care Practice (ACYCP) whose mission is to engage practitioners in building the child and youth care profession through collaborative partnerships, promoting innovative training and education, shaping public policy and informing developmental practice through research and scholarship.


The Journal of Child and Youth Care Work has contributed to the Child and Youth Care field and has made great advances towards necessary professionalization since its inaugural print issue in 1985.  The journal contains material that embraces the formally defined field of Child and Youth Care Work.  The scope is early childhood (care and education), school age (in-school and after school), infant and toddler (care and mental health), adolescence (home, school, community), young adulthood, families, intergenerational, and life course.  Special focus is on relationships and a wide variety of developmental and therapeutic interventions in line with the competencies of the child and youth work field (http://www.cyccb.org/competencies). The identified and defined competencies of the field are in the following areas: Professionalism, Cultural and Human Diversity, Developmental Practice Methods, Relationships and Communication, and Applied Human Development.

The field of child and youth care work in North America is composed of child and youth care direct practitioners, supervisors, administrators, trainers, educators, consultants, and advocates in a variety of settings such as group and residential care, early childcare and intervention, preschools, after and out of school programs, schools, camps, foster care, street work, and other community based child and youth-serving programs. 

Content for the journal will include theme-centered issues and general issues that include research papers (empirical studies), scholarly and position papers, descriptions of experience conceptualized into practice principles, and reports or major professional development and advancement activities in the field of child and youth care work.



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