Erikson and Adolescent Development

Contemporary Views on an Enduring Legacy

  • Peter L. Benson Search Institute
  • Matthew Bundick Duquesne University
Keywords: Erikson, adolescence, development, identity


Many of Erik Erikson’s theoretical contributions to our understanding of adolescent psychosocial development endure; some have even proven to be true. At the same time, in the decades since Erikson’s seminal works there have been many advances in developmental theory, especially in the realms of identity and positive youth development, along with important critiques of adolescent psychosocial theory. Together, these advances and critiques provide new lenses through which Erikson’s work may viewed. The present work thus reviews the enduring concepts and qualities as well as limitations of Erikson’s views on psychosocial development in adolescence, while considering possible expansions in light of contemporary identity theories and technological advances.

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Benson, P., & Bundick, M. (2020). Erikson and Adolescent Development: Contemporary Views on an Enduring Legacy. Journal of Child and Youth Care Work, 25, 195–205.
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