Promoting Successful Close Interpersonal Relationships In Adolescence:

  • Dorothy Markiewicz Department of Applied Human Sciences and Psychology, Concordia University
Keywords: romantic relationships, parent child relations, interpersonal relationship, attachment


Adolescent attachment styles are associated with their adjustment and success in close interpersonal relationships. This paper explores how different attachment styles are related to key abilities for successful intimacy, including skillful care-seeking and care-giving, being sufficiently autonomous, and being competent in negotiation. Therapeutic approaches to helping adolescents improve their intimate relationships should incorporate this model of intimacy, focus on the elements described, and modify interventions in light of the adolescents' attachment styles. Attachment styles also impact the adolescents' processes of affective expres­sion, information processing, and communication. Thus, interventions should be adapted to address the likely differences in problematic interven­tion patterns and in the process of psychotherapy with these adolescents.
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