Recognizing the Future

Current Trends in Youth Work & Education


  • Andrew J. Schneider-Muñoz University of Pittsburgh School of Education, Department of Psychology in Education, Concentration in Child and Youth Work



youth work and education, trends, opportunities and risks for the future of the profession


This article represents a new feature in The Journal where each volume will invite youth workers and their youth work professors to submit projects that are developed as a part of core child and youth care courses being offered in universities across the country. This article reports the pilot and exploratory research on trends in youth work and education conducted by ten students working towards their bachelor’s degree in applied development with a concentration in child and youth care work. Sixteen national leaders in youth work were interviewed, and data was analyzed by the faculty and students together to provide an apprenticeship in evidenced-based practice scholarship. Structured using pilot and exploratory qualitative procedures and techniques, this study reports on challenges for the future of the youth work profession, opportunities for change, and the potential role for youth work to ensure educational success and lifelong learning.




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Schneider-Muñoz, A. (2020). Recognizing the Future: Current Trends in Youth Work & Education. Journal of Child and Youth Care Work, 23, 215–226.



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