The Leadership Challenge For Human Services Agencies


  • Michael Gaffley Fischler Graduate School of Education and Human Resources, Nova Southeastern University, Florida


leadership, child and youth care, capacity-building, empowerment, change management, environment, organizational culture, relationships


Child and youth care is a burgeoning profession in which leadership capacity is a quintessential component. Effective leadership can maximize opportunities for children, youth and families to become func­tional, in spite of the odds. Attempts to strengthen this field will be just another nebulous detour should there be no intersection where we, as a child and youth care field, can confront our past and learn from our mistakes. Ignorance will mean that we are doomed to repeat those failures and that we have become chronic victims of the delusion of indulgence. This article proposes a laser focus on our field in order to identify the peculiar leadership challenge where authentic engagement is preferred to symbolic involvement.




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