A Time of Transition

The Impact of Rural Youth Services on Education, Housing, and Employment

  • Brittney C. Uffner University of Pittsburgh
  • Mary E. Rauktis University of Pittsburgh
  • Rachel A. Fusco University of Pittsburgh


The transition to adulthood can be a difficult process for any youth. This paper explores an outcome-impact assessment of the Intensive Transitions Treatment (ITT) Program. This service system works with youth facing the challenges of mental illness, substance abuse, and involvement with CYS or Court Supervision Services, with little, if any, support for the transition to adulthood. The primary adult living domains of education, housing, and employment are examined both qualitatively and quantitatively at different points of program involvement. The findings indicate program achievements, opportunities for improvement, and the need for additional research regarding intensive services and relevant supports. Implications for comparable youth programs and resources, service staff, policymakers, and community members are discussed.

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Uffner, B., Rauktis, M., & Fusco, R. (2020). A Time of Transition: The Impact of Rural Youth Services on Education, Housing, and Employment. Journal of Child and Youth Care Work, 25, 214–228. https://doi.org/10.5195/jcycw.2015.83
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