Views from the Insitd: Young People's Perceptions of Residential Services


  • Peter Gabor York University, Department of Political Science
  • Ian Greene The University of Calgary, School of Social Work


The research described in this paper examined the views and perceptions of young residents of group homes and institutions regarding the services which they receive. A particular focus of the research was the extent to which young people participate in and feel they can influence the development of plans that affect their future. Findings indicate that young people hold very different perceptions and opinions about a wide rang of relevvent issues than do the child care workers and social workers who serve them; as well, they feel powerless and left out of the planning process. Implications for child welfare services generally and for child care practice specifically are discussed.




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Gabor, P. ., & Greene, I. (1991). Views from the Insitd: Young People’s Perceptions of Residential Services. Journal of Child and Youth Care Work, 7. Retrieved from



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